What Is Your Name?

I feel the need to share what happened during a bible study last week. I am so grateful that then 17 year old girl was used in such a big way. Now, it’s my turn to share this wonderful moment.

It was the study with Jacob in Genesis after Jacob has been running from Esau for years deceiving many people along the way.

After a night of wrestling, Jacob was desperate for a blessing.

He was asked “What is your name?”

God knew his name. God knows all of our names. What He was asking was “Who are you Jacob?”

Jacob’s name was known as the deceiver. He was his name.

Jacob said: “Jacob”

After a night of wrestling around, Jacob couldn’t have said that easily or smooth. Sometimes God has to beat us down in order to finally hear from us. It’s not easy to be honest with God. We tend to think we can hide things from God and maybe He won’t want or accept us for being honest and open with God.

Jacob said his name in exhaustion.

“Your name is no longer Jacob. From now on you will be named Israel.”

Jacob was honest. That’s all what God wants from us. He changed his name from Jacob to Child of God because of his honesty. God blessed him for it.

My name was fear. My name was anxiety and depression at a time. This really convicted me. But when I found out who I really am humbly in Christ, my name changed. I am a chosen daughter of the most high God. My identity is changed forever.

I know it can get exhausting but God just wants to hear from us. He wants to know our name. He wants to rename us. He wants to call you daughter. He wants to call you son. He wants you in His kingdom.

What is your name? What are you trying to hide from God? What is blocking you from receiving God’s blessing?

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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