I have heard so many messages about this particular verse to love our neighbors like how we love ourselves. This is how I’m beginning to see more of it differently.

I see love our neighbor as being honest no matter what. Many people don’t to “protect” others’ feelings but I believe it’s more harmful to shred the truth in favor to butter someone up.

Children desire honesty. Children desire structure and correction. Both children AND adults hate it with a passion but we eventually learn it was for our own good.

If the truth sets us free, then why are we so afraid to tell the truth? It can suck to say and express it of course. It can hurt to say truth. It can hurt to receive it too. I think God can work best in honesty. I experienced so much healing, forgiveness and strength just by opening up. Yes, I was known as more of a crazy person for doing so at times but I felt more right with God. Not everyone will receive the openness and honesty but that’s between them and God I can keep praying for wisdom and guidance through it.

For example, if we feel any type of leadership is doing anything wrong or “off”, we should be willing to stand up and say something. We all know that bank tellers and clerks are the true leaders and makers of any organization but today’s leadership is pure garbage because no one is willing to talk to the “peewees” of an organization or company to really learn about what’s going on to save the organization pretty much. Pride in leaderships today is SO high. Honesty and open conversations can do more good if we let it. God wants us to be honest.

It’s time to make honesty cool again. We never know who’s lives could be affected and changed just by doing so. We never know who really needed to hear it at exactly the right time. We never know what God can do just by being honest.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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