I felt the need to clear up any misconceptions about depression. I do not condemn counseling; it can be super beneficial about many things especially with severe depression and mental issues. But, I also believe many people aren’t trained the way they should be about it. For anyone who has never gone through depression themselves, it’s impossible to fully understand. I have known counselors who think they’ve know everything because of reading a textbook in college or even getting a PHD in the mental health field. If they’ve never gone through any major hardships themselves, then the rest of their schooling is pure garbage and doesn’t mean anything. There, I said it. Experience is a better teacher than college ever will.

I believe many cases of depression would be gone just by talking to or hanging out with a good friend. Having a good community can change everything.

The number one thing (err, person) that cured my depression is Jesus Christ. He delivered me and healed me from those thoughts. All because I learned to call on Him for help. When I reached the lowest point in my life, I had reached out to God (finally). I knew no one else could help me except Him. I prayed a desperate prayer that my body and mind are so confused and emotional and I just needed Him to take over and help me. Through the days, I have realized things became easier. Any doubt I had I immediately brought it to the Lord just like what it says in the Bible. Of course it’s not all an instant process. God has taught me over time and showed me when to shut up and bring the thought to Him instead of overthinking about a subject for months and months. The Bible is true and right. He wants to help us – all we need to do is call on Him.

Back to the importance of community. I believe 100% that it is important to spend time with other people, the more the better. I have felt better each time with a group of people despite my introvert self and fears trying to make its way through and make control again. We all know how important fellowship with other people is but I will never understand why the standards are so high in order to do so.

I have been realizing a pattern even before this crazy year is that no one wants to talk with each other. How can we understand more or patch conflicts up when no one will communicate. We all think that someone else can do it and reach out and call. But what if that person is you? What’s stopping that? That next Netflix show to binge on? I’m scared to see how many more suicides need to happen just from us being afraid to reach out to someone in need. Not everything needs counseling – a good conversation (even better a prayer buddy) could do more wonders than counseling ever will. Besides, it’s cheaper also.

This week’s challenge – call someone who you haven’t talked to for a while. Catch up, make amends, or whatever else. A good conversation can do wonders.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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