What’s Up Church?

Have you ever noticed that these modern churches are failing us? They think they are doing good, but they’re not. I believe more people are going straight to hell by these tactics in most churches.

No communication. No honesty. Barely any real truth is heard. Lack of prayer. Lack of God. Even the worship is lacking. Is anyone excited to worship God anymore? It seems like a funeral instead of worshiping God on a regular Sunday morning. There’s more division in churches than ever before. Churches can’t be treated like a regular business.

No wonder our country is collapsing. The church is falling HARD and its the churches/christians fault.

It will be an absolute miracle from God only to reverse this fallout. We are in desperate need of a revival. For the church. For the country. For everyone. We need God back in the center of churches and the country. We need to stand up.

Dear God, please heal this country. We need You only.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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