When I think about Christmas during this season of COVID, I keep going back to the that very first Christmas – when Jesus was born.

We all can agree 2020 has been a year filled with darkness and just seems impossible to see any light this year.

When Jesus was born, it was during a season of darkness too. Herod was pure evil. He wanted to kill Jesus in any way he possibly could. He even killed other babies in order to kill Jesus. There was darkness everywhere.

Sound familiar?

This year has been one giant chaotic storm after the other. When we are spending this time alone and when we only see the darkness all around us, it just seems like a gigantic pile of misery, right? This season reminds me of the time of Herod.

We as believers constantly search for peace, crying out in pain. Can you imagine what the Godly followers during Herod’s reign was like? How much their grief and pain for peace was like? They were longing for the Messiah, crying out for dear life, wondering if they will ever know peace again.

Jesus came as a baby. Our peace is here. Our hope is here.

I pray you will remember this peace in this dark year. He’s here. He came for us. How amazing of the hope we have in times when there is seemingly no hope?

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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