Christianity (err – churchianity) breaks my heart more lately. It just seems like churches, pastors especially, are way too busy focusing on the business and worldly side of operating a church and totally disregarding God.

I have shared parts of my testimony at least 3 times this month because I’m just SO excited what God has done for me and my life. They only seem to focus on the bad stuff and direct me to counseling instead. I’ve had so many God breakthroughs especially this month alone but people only seem to focus on who I was before instead of what God has done.

It’s heartbreaking. If it’s heartbreaking for me, I can’t even imagine how God feels. I don’t even recognize who I was just a month ago because I’ve just done what the Bible says and literally took everything to Him. The Bible is true – I’m a witness to that.

It’s sad how many pastors are totally disregarding God. Why do they become pastors when God is literally the last thing on their list. It’s sad how many people are missing amazing testimonies by what they choose to focus on instead.

My depression is healed because I chose to focus on Jesus 100% and direct every thought captive in prayer. He’s my healer. Sometimes the enemy gets its way but thankfully God becomes quicker to remind me of it instead of many times before. It feels SO good to rebuke the enemy. The enemy doesn’t belong in my mind and my home anymore.

We need God (and prayer) back in main focus especially in churches.

Religion is a trap. Relationship with Christ is what sets us free. I’m 100% proof of this.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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