What I have learned the most in 2020 is no one communicates anymore, if we ever did. I’m the least likely person to talk about the importance of communication because I was an introvert for many different reasons all my life. I am aware why people remain to be silent. Ever since I was born again, I began to realize things differently. I no longer see myself as an introvert. That fear is gone especially from this month all because of God and basically my ability to test out the Bible myself. I am a child of God who just wants to talk to anyone no matter how difficult it would be. I’m no longer afraid of confrontation. Confrontation doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

From what I have learned in the Bible especially recently, Jesus dealt with confrontation seemingly every single day. He worked on the Sabbath and most of us are aware that many weren’t exactly thrilled at this concept. He cared more about the hearts of mankind and was on mission every day no matter what.

This is why I will never understand why people choose to believe how respectful it is to basically ignore others. Knowing my history before Christ, I understand the need to let go and move on from toxicity, but when someone is trying to make amends, where is the grace? Where is the deeper understanding? Where is the communication? Especially now as a Christian, I want to do more of these any chance I am able to because Jesus changed my life for the absolute better. I believe many churches are failing these very basic concepts. How can leaders teach on the importance of relationship building and communication when most leaders don’t even practice what they teach?

I was always fascinated with married couples, specifically the older generation. Even when I was a kid, I craved their wisdom. I enjoyed it. When people would seek out others the same age, I would seek out the elderly. They were nicer, more welcoming, and had a ton of wisdom. Whenever they often experienced conflict themselves, they would talk it out. They would try to understand their spouse’s thoughts and actions. What happened to this mindset? Besides the obvious level of intimacy, etc, with marriage relationships, I believe just these very basic concepts are essential with no matter what kind relationship we deal with in life – colleagues, friendships, God, etc. What happened to communication? Communication is both speaking AND listening, mostly listening, but unfortunately this is rare now. I understand the fear of COVID, but most of us has a cell phone and a laptop for video chats. What happened to this concept?

I have been around people of abuse my entire life. Opening up is difficult. Just in these couple years alone, I have opened up to the wrong people multiple times. Trust was often broken. I understand the heart but people often do things so terribly wrong that they don’t even realize what they’re really doing. It can be scary to come forward. I get this. I get why people choose to shy away. I get why people choose to remain in hurtful situations because many “wellmeaning” people don’t really understand.

Knowing this, I’m still no longer afraid of confrontation. When I did confront issues, I saw the glory of God be magnified. That’s why I’m no longer complaining about 2020. I have seen God’s glory SO many times that I am actually rejoicing that year. The Word of God is true.

Was I terrified to confront people? Oh yes, without a doubt, especially with others who had hurt me before. But I had felt in my spirit that I needed to and I’m so glad I worked through the fear. If I operated in fear instead, I wouldn’t have seen God’s glory. I wouldn’t have experienced all the healing and grace from those experiences. I am a witness of the goodness of God. He’s still answering prayers even in the chaotic 2020.

So I want to challenge you for 2021 – don’t be too afraid of confrontation this new year. I understand major cases when it’s just not safe to physically confront someone so just take those extreme cases to God instead. He can handle it. You never know what could happen. Judgement could be cleansed from hearts. Healing and grace could happen. Forgiveness could happen. Lives could change. Belief in God could be strengthened. Hope can be restored. The Word of God could come more alive than ever. Just pray and believe. This isn’t about us; it’s truly about Jesus.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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