This year has been heavy with grief. I have seen God come through SO much through all the pain. I’m still standing because He is faithful to remain no matter what and steps in to help any time I call on Him.

God has taught me a lot of how much the enemy uses grief:

  1. Making you feel like being alone is a great thing.
  2. Loss of identity.
  3. No one could understand (God especially)
  4. Thinking God has abandoned you and doesn’t care.
  5. Will do whatever it takes to feel distant from God.

No matter the amount of scripture I knew, I was still believing the lies of the enemy anyway for way too long. Grief is terrible and makes anyone stuck for way too long.

Then, here comes the true enemy of the cause of all the pain. What does the enemy do? Attack the most vulnerable in the most trying times. Who attacks a vulnerable person? Cowards, huh?

The enemy is a coward, using the same ole lies every single time. It’s annoying!! In case the enemy has forgotten, the enemy was already defeated.

I’m only still standing through all this pain is because of the Word of God. He is my rock, my encourager, my walking stick to keep me from moving forward.

Thank you Jesus for always being here and never going away.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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