Christians and Cancel Culture

Yes, a controversial subject this time and I know not many people would like this but it’s very needed. What I have observed over these past couple years especially is that Christians fall into the Cancel Culture phase. I believe they initially started cancel culture before the left made it ‘cool’ during covid. The only difference I saw is that the left caught up to what the Church has already been doing.

It took me a long time to realize just how great God’s forgiveness and love really is because I never saw it within the Church. The Church is SO quick to give up on anyone the second anyone messes up. We all know ‘regular’ marriages can have problems too. The bride of Christ is a relationship too. Any kind of relationship can have conflict and we’re all imperfect people regardless of the church we go in. Do you give up so quickly in your marriage any time a fight comes up with your spouse? Most likely no, you would work hard to fix it, right? Would you try to understand your spouse better? What about relationships with earthly families and siblings? We work so hard to have that perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and maintain a great time and relationship with them. We work so hard for that. So, what about in the church? We’re in God’s house and family then. Does that mean anything? Our spiritual siblings need love and comfort just the same no matter what yet the second the sermon ends, most run to the door, forgetting who sat next to them.

We give more time and energy perfecting our earthly families while our spiritual families crash and burn. Don’t get me wrong, I love my earthly family and I will always be there for them too but I also have a spiritual family. Like it or not, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, we all need each other the same no matter what is going on. My earthly family drives me crazy possibly most of the time, so I already expect my spiritual family would be the same. We’re all unique. How are we supposed to understand each other better when we’re all so busy avoiding people faster than any virus spreads. Why is it so hard to pick up a phone and call a spiritual relative? Especially during tough times.

We’re called to love others. We’re called to forgive others. We’re called to do good to those who wronged us. I’m not talking about just being a doormat and letting people just walk all over us and take advantage. The world sees the Church canceling each other so quickly. Do you think that’s how they would see God too? The world will know how we love, right? There is no love with canceling people out no matter how ‘justified’ it seems.

In all my research, it seems like cancel culture has been a thing among Christians for generations and generations. The only difference is the Church is quieter with it.

My former church recently got bombarded with drama. Many people left that day. If God didn’t call me elsewhere before this day, I think I would consider going back because their actions after is what matters most. Unlike most churches, they’re being open to what’s going on. They’re being honest with how tough this time has been for all of them. I really appreciate their transparency and knowing we are all imperfect beings. Most churches don’t do that. Instead, we see the ‘puppies and rainbows’ kind of living. I appreciate transparency and realness more than anything. If we can’t be real no matter how tough it is, then in my opinion, that is not church to me. The actions after is what matters most. We all know we all fall short yet most runs away the second someone falls short from us. No one talks anymore. When there’s conflict, aren’t we supposed to go to each other privately and talk it out? No one does that anymore. We’re too busy giving up instead.

God shown me love at my absolute worst times. At times when I don’t deserve it, He was still there. He was still there when everyone else left. That’s when I saw God the most, at those hardest moments.

None of us deserve God’s love and grace yet He poured it out and still constantly pours it out on a daily basis.

It’s time to end cancel culture within the Church. Let us show the world how great spiritual siblings can be toward each other. When we were kids, we fought constantly with our siblings yet we still loved them anyway. Only we could pick on them, no one else could, right? Sound familiar?

It’s time to make the family of Christ cool again. Let us draw that line in the sand and have cancel culture end with us.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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