When Will Jesus Be Enough?

Throughout my journey as a believer, it always got to me whenever I complained about being lonely. I know that God never intended us to be alone, even from the early days of the garden of Eden when God said “it’s no good for man to be alone.” Being alone is not from God, I know that. I know we are meant for community so I am in no way hating on community groups.

I had studied David a lot over this past year. David didn’t even have the Holy Spirit and was alone plenty of times, but he still encouraged himself in the Lord. How could a man who didn’t have the Holy Spirit be so encouraged and inspired despite in all he went through?

That is an issue I have with the modern Church where we’re often so yoked to our own cell phones or the constant need or approval from someone else. Our constant attention grabbing to someone else or that specific group. The truth is, if we’re not satisfied with Jesus, we’re never going to be satisfied with anyone else. Our spouses can’t fill what Jesus can. Our church building can’t fill what Jesus can. Pastors are not Jesus. Our parents are not Jesus either. They may be great people but even great people can fall short. Jesus knows our hearts more than anyone else.

Have you ever had a friend who never seemed interested in the friendship? For example, they weren’t interested in maintaining a friendship with you, ignoring your texts, constantly late, dumbing you down, not supporting you, or anything else. The truth is, that’s how I saw many experience the Holy Spirit. He is there but He is constantly ignored or passed over, never taken seriously. I know this from personal experience. I took the Holy Spirit for granted before. I took this friendship for granted. I knew He was there but I never did anything with Him. I barely had conversations with this seemingly good friend I’ve often heard about. I was that lousy friend. And I am so grateful that His friendship differs from my view. I’m grateful I could always return to this Friend no matter what, no matter how many times I messed up before. He is still always there anyway.

When I realized how satisfied I truly was with me and the Holy Spirit was, I was sitting at church. I got there a little early and no one was sitting around me yet, but I had this incredible amount of peace. I didn’t care if anyone sat next to me or not, I knew I was OK because my Best Friend was there with me. I was never alone because He was with me. He will never leave me nor forsake me. I was safe and welcomed in His arms right then and I still am now. My best friend.

Now, I am seeing this relationship differently than ever. I talk to Him on my way to the grocery store. I talk to Him when I’m working. I talk to Him before I go to sleep. I’m in joy when I get to talk to my friend. Friendships communicate. What kind of friends only talk a little bit here or there before jumping into another task. That’s more acquaintances to me. He’s my best friend and I love talking to Him about everything. Jesus is enough for me. Even if I remain physically alone for my entire life, I know I will be OK because of Jesus, because of Who I have within me. He’s my Best Friend.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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