The Communication Crisis

Communication has been on a rapid decline for years, even way before covid. In general, people are more yoked to cell phones than having a meaningful conversation especially at restaurants. What happened?

Mental health issues have been dramatically increasing over the years. I believe it’s because we don’t talk to each other as much as we should. We are so quick to ‘cancel’ others when we have at least one disagreement. When there’s a fight or some type of quarrel, there’s no talking or mending through it, no further understanding to try to gain either. It’s just simply a “no more”. The most separated day of the week is Sunday and it’s often worse in the Church.

As believers, we need to be better than this. We will be spending eternity with each other. If we can’t get it together here and put up with each other here first, then how will we ever get by in Heaven? For a while now, I’ve thought that when we want to ignore the person in Heaven, chances are that Jesus would be standing right next to you when you try to avoid that person up there. To be honest, Jesus (Holy Spirit actually) is already standing next to you now. Why ignore and avoid your fellow Brother or Sister here regardless of the differences? In my opinion, that doesn’t honor God. That only makes the enemy win. The enemy wants us to fight and avoid each other.

Earthly families are often chaotic and has many issues, right? Yet we still love and support them anyway, right? How much more is it with a spiritual family? We have all sorts of differences in the Body of Christ. We have so much opinions. Why not try to listen to them first? Why not try to understand a different perspective first? What’s wrong with that? That’s pride. Opinions can be great, even opinions we don’t want to hear because that helps us to grow. I personally love hearing from critics because I learn something from them. I am not afraid for any “hater”. They help us to learn and grow, especially new ways on how to deal with conflict.

I’ve been noticing a pattern for a while now. Communication issues is more than just the younger generations. It comes from the older generations first. There are many who no one can ever say a single negative thing or complaint. They instantly shoot it down or ignore. They cancel others too, just quietly, saying how ‘justified’ it is. It’s not. Ignorance is never justified. Our new elders of society don’t want to talk to each other either. I sensed a lot of fear with that generation and how much they passed down this fear for the following generations. Many don’t realize how similar there are from each other.

Body language. It’s so easy to misunderstand someone in text form but not many realize this anymore. The receiver doesn’t want to try to understand things deeper or gain more wisdom. They already have their minds made up way before body language comes into action. Body language is key. It could help solve a lot of problems if people will let them.

When was the last time you called someone up on the phone? A real conversation, not just one for work. And let’s leave out parents, spouses or other family members right now too. The last time you had an issue with someone, did you make up? When was the last time you called someone instead of texting? What’s your preferred way to communicate?

Our kids see the way parents do, that is common sense. If they see their parent constantly on their phones, they’re going to think that’s normal and OK to do going forward. What kind of normal are we preparing for our kids?

Why isn’t communication a thing in the Church? I’ve noticed more unbelievers able to have more meaningful conversations far away from churches yet true communication is seemingly nonexistent in a church. Why is communication so hard in a church? All we really need is a friend in those places. I really don’t like that churches put more emphasis on psychology and counseling than community and friendships. That’s not right to me.

We need to make communication cool again. We need to come together again. Let us let go of that pride and talk again. There’s too much at stake. As the Body of Christ, we need to do better. Let us show the world that this Family is truly different and can work together regarding the differences. The world will know by how we love, right? Even if you don’t like your believing neighbor, help them anyway. Show kindness. That Christian who you cancelled from your life last year? Call them and ask how they’re doing. You may be thinking “well, they don’t deserve it”. Well, none of us deserve anything but God still blesses us, right? He’s still there no matter the amount of times we mess up. He still loves us even when we don’t deserve it. He still forgave us when we don’t deserve it. They may not deserve it either, but Jesus does. Will that ever mean anything? Jesus deserves all that extra humility we can find and put forth to good use for the sake of the Gospel. Does Jesus deserve this?

Let’s make communication great again. Let’s put down our phones and have a great and real conversation. Let’s be that great Family that God wants us to be. Let us honor Him by creating a communication revival: with our neighbors, with other believers, with our kids, with anyone else. For the sake of the Gospel, Jesus deserves this.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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