Hypocrisy of the Church

Ok I need to say something regarding this. I realize we all can be hypocrites whether we realize it or not. This is a fallen world with a flesh desiring to be opposite of the Spirit. But still, the hypocrisy in the Church Body is WAY too much today that needs to stop. It’s not right that believers need a Battle Buddy to stand by their side against other BELIEVERS. I know and met people who deal with intense anxiety not because of unbelievers or the evil in the world, but they have intense anxiety from any time they walk near another believer. How is this right?? No wonder the devil is having so much fun on earth today because believers are too busy attacking each other than the main fight with evil and rescuing lost souls.

Newsflash: pastors and other believers are also human dealing with a flesh too. We ALL fall short. The only perfect being that walked on earth was Jesus. I’m not saying if anyone is sinning and doing wrong, just ignore it and love like the progressive church does. No. I’m not saying that at all. Sin is wrong and actions have consequences. Telling the truth is important but the truth in LOVE is what often is missing within the Body. But we have got to remember that Jesus is the head of the Church. Pastors aren’t. YOU aren’t either. God deals with His Church. We make a bad Holy Spirit. Constantly yelling especially to other believers to REPENT and tearing them down makes things worse. Remember what the Bible says about repentance – it’s the LOVE of God that leads to repentance. I didn’t personally know what repentance was until 2 years ago. The constant yelling to “repent or burn” didn’t help to change me either. The desire to change grew in my heart the more I learned and understood the LOVE of God. That’s when REAL change began to happen.

We need a refresher of what the Bible says about forgiveness and bitterness. They may not deserve forgiveness, but Jesus does. Do we deserve His forgiveness? I know I don’t. I can’t answer for you. We may not deserve God’s love or mercy, but He still pours it out daily. The amount of times that God was patient with us in our sin. He knew we were sinning before we even recognized it as sin, even all the hidden ones who don’t know of yet. He doesn’t find out when we finally confess our sins and turn away. Nope. He was always there just like He was still there even when He knew Judas’ heart. I can’t imagine what Jesus would have done if Judas would have repented instead and saw Jesus after the resurrection. I know I can’t be angry with Judas anymore because his betrayal led to my own deliverance in Christ.

What does God’s forgiveness mean for you? Why doesn’t many believers want to pour out that same forgiveness and grace that God gave us when we didn’t deserve it? Remember, people will know by how we LOVE. Forgiveness and getting rid of bitterness is a form of love too. It’s time to stop being bullies to other believers. If there’s still a heartbeat, there’s still a chance.

Let’s keep the mission on SOULS and fight who the true enemy is. We need to unite regardless of differences if we really want to see God move in a great way. Our behaviors can hinder God to move. Many people say how much they want revival, but don’t realize that revival begins with US first.

Published by Kristen

30. Lost and then found by the glorious King Jesus Christ. He is my hope and my healer and salvation.

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