New Beginnings

Hey Everyone!

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You were created to overcome! You weren’t given a Spirit of fear, but of power, love, and of a sound mind. On a bad day, we’re called to be the best there is. We were created for these times! How exciting!! 🙂

Stay blessed!


Roe V Wade Overturned!

I’m still amazed with what had happened yesterday. Such glorious news!! Best news of my generation! Thank you Jesus!!

It’s heartbreaking seeing all the people talking about the sad day for women. No. It’s far from it. I’m a woman and I feel more FREE with this decision now that more babies will get a chance to LIVE. My right as a woman has no stand with a baby’s right to life. A baby is a separate body than my own. If I ever get pregnant unplanned, that’s my own consequence, not the baby’s. As for anyone who got raped or incest, of course I will always feel for them and that trauma, but I have seen so many stories and testimonies from the same people who have gone through the trauma but still grateful that they chose life. The stories are remarkable! What the enemy uses for evil, God is faithful to turn for good. He can turn any heartbreak around for good.

Today is a day to celebrate. This was is far from over but we still have so much to celebrate today.

Praise Jesus!

Hypocrisy of the Church

Ok I need to say something regarding this. I realize we all can be hypocrites whether we realize it or not. This is a fallen world with a flesh desiring to be opposite of the Spirit. But still, the hypocrisy in the Church Body is WAY too much today that needs to stop. It’s not right that believers need a Battle Buddy to stand by their side against other BELIEVERS. I know and met people who deal with intense anxiety not because of unbelievers or the evil in the world, but they have intense anxiety from any time they walk near another believer. How is this right?? No wonder the devil is having so much fun on earth today because believers are too busy attacking each other than the main fight with evil and rescuing lost souls.

Newsflash: pastors and other believers are also human dealing with a flesh too. We ALL fall short. The only perfect being that walked on earth was Jesus. I’m not saying if anyone is sinning and doing wrong, just ignore it and love like the progressive church does. No. I’m not saying that at all. Sin is wrong and actions have consequences. Telling the truth is important but the truth in LOVE is what often is missing within the Body. But we have got to remember that Jesus is the head of the Church. Pastors aren’t. YOU aren’t either. God deals with His Church. We make a bad Holy Spirit. Constantly yelling especially to other believers to REPENT and tearing them down makes things worse. Remember what the Bible says about repentance – it’s the LOVE of God that leads to repentance. I didn’t personally know what repentance was until 2 years ago. The constant yelling to “repent or burn” didn’t help to change me either. The desire to change grew in my heart the more I learned and understood the LOVE of God. That’s when REAL change began to happen.

We need a refresher of what the Bible says about forgiveness and bitterness. They may not deserve forgiveness, but Jesus does. Do we deserve His forgiveness? I know I don’t. I can’t answer for you. We may not deserve God’s love or mercy, but He still pours it out daily. The amount of times that God was patient with us in our sin. He knew we were sinning before we even recognized it as sin, even all the hidden ones who don’t know of yet. He doesn’t find out when we finally confess our sins and turn away. Nope. He was always there just like He was still there even when He knew Judas’ heart. I can’t imagine what Jesus would have done if Judas would have repented instead and saw Jesus after the resurrection. I know I can’t be angry with Judas anymore because his betrayal led to my own deliverance in Christ.

What does God’s forgiveness mean for you? Why doesn’t many believers want to pour out that same forgiveness and grace that God gave us when we didn’t deserve it? Remember, people will know by how we LOVE. Forgiveness and getting rid of bitterness is a form of love too. It’s time to stop being bullies to other believers. If there’s still a heartbeat, there’s still a chance.

Let’s keep the mission on SOULS and fight who the true enemy is. We need to unite regardless of differences if we really want to see God move in a great way. Our behaviors can hinder God to move. Many people say how much they want revival, but don’t realize that revival begins with US first.

Hope In The Storm

“Fear is having faith in the enemy” 

With media at its strongest today, it’s so easy to focus more on the winds and waves of life. Jesus told us storms will happen in this life but He has also provides us Hope and a way of escape. He makes a way when there seems to be no way. We can have peace in the most trying of times because of the overcoming power within us. We already have the victory, friend. We never have to fear. We know we can thrive no matter what kind of economy there is for God’s economy is different than man’s economy. If Abraham can get everything he needed while in a desert, God can certainly provide you with what you need no matter what. During the storms of life, focus on the Light within. He is like that Lighthouse the ships lean to for direction. We are safe in the arms of the Lord. We never have to fear because of the One who conquered fear for us. Tell the storms of life just how much bigger God is. The storms are no big deal because of Who you have within you, beside you, and in front of you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. May the peace and joy of God be multiplied in your heart today.

Is Hope Lost?

Where does your hope live? There’s too much hope in man rather than hope in God. We need to change that. Just like there’s way too much fear of man rather than fear of God. God isn’t man and man isn’t God. Trump isn’t God either (despite what many are believing out there unfortunately – he’s a man who will fall short just like the rest of us too). God is a God of the impossible and He turns anything around for good for those who love Him. The Bible is full of impossible stories. Where are we truly placing our Hope? I have great hope and strength rising every day that fear is leaving. Fear is scared to be around me more each day. We were born for such a time as this! I’m excited!!! Joy increases in my heart daily!

Don’t be distracted for there is still much good still around. Don’t let the enemy distract you or plant fear in your heart. You were born for such a time as this! When God created YOU, He thought of how special and unique you were to be for this time period, not any other. You are a mighty warrior destined for this time period.

You Are A Warrior

“David replied to the Philistine, “You come to me with sword, spear, and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies—the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” – 1 Samuel 17:45

Almost there warrior. Another mountain is almost over. Another week almost conquered. You are an overcomer, friend! A look at David today. David wasn’t afraid. He knew the facts. He knew how big Goliath was. He knew the weapons that Goliath used. But he knew how much bigger and greater God was. David focused on things above. He knew how powerful and faithful God was to help him through. He knew how big God was compared to Goliath so there was nothing for him to be afraid of. Just like David, we too can let our giants know how big our God is compared to the weapons of our enemies. Our mountains may be big but our mountains don’t realize how big God is. Our weekly challenges and struggles don’t realize how big God is. Instead of focusing on the size of the mountain, we can tell the mountain about God. It’s like David was able to put on the true armor of God even way before Paul started talking about it in the New Testament. How much greater we are now with the Holy Spirit power within us today. Nothing formed against you shall prosper, friend. You are more than a conqueror through him who loved us. As Jesus is, so are YOU right now. Jesus overcame the world so you can and will overcome this mountain today. You are already a winner! May the strength and peace of God be multiplied in your heart today.

Light Shines In The Darkness

“Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.” – Micah 7:8

Children are often afraid of the dark. The intense screams when the night light isn’t turned on as they go to bed. Even a small child can tell that darkness is never a good thing, always eager for that slight light to calm them down to sleep. As Children of the Most High, we have the greatest Night Light to shine our way when times are full of darkness. We never have to scream in fear because we have the ultimate Light already within us, the night Light always shines no matter how dark it gets around us. This kind of night light never needs any batteries changed or never gets lost. This Light is always close to the brokenhearted. This light always provides hope no matter how dark it gets. We always have hope around because of the never ending Candle within us right now. Just like that small child, we can rest in the light of Jesus. He is always shining in our hearts. We never have to fear, stress, or worry with this Great Light within. You are an Overcomer of darkness since the light of God is within you. Darkness is afraid of YOU and has to leave when the Light is on. May the joy and strength of God be multiplied in your heart today as you conquer the next tasks this week will bring. 

The Communication Crisis

Communication has been on a rapid decline for years, even way before covid. In general, people are more yoked to cell phones than having a meaningful conversation especially at restaurants. What happened?

Mental health issues have been dramatically increasing over the years. I believe it’s because we don’t talk to each other as much as we should. We are so quick to ‘cancel’ others when we have at least one disagreement. When there’s a fight or some type of quarrel, there’s no talking or mending through it, no further understanding to try to gain either. It’s just simply a “no more”. The most separated day of the week is Sunday and it’s often worse in the Church.

As believers, we need to be better than this. We will be spending eternity with each other. If we can’t get it together here and put up with each other here first, then how will we ever get by in Heaven? For a while now, I’ve thought that when we want to ignore the person in Heaven, chances are that Jesus would be standing right next to you when you try to avoid that person up there. To be honest, Jesus (Holy Spirit actually) is already standing next to you now. Why ignore and avoid your fellow Brother or Sister here regardless of the differences? In my opinion, that doesn’t honor God. That only makes the enemy win. The enemy wants us to fight and avoid each other.

Earthly families are often chaotic and has many issues, right? Yet we still love and support them anyway, right? How much more is it with a spiritual family? We have all sorts of differences in the Body of Christ. We have so much opinions. Why not try to listen to them first? Why not try to understand a different perspective first? What’s wrong with that? That’s pride. Opinions can be great, even opinions we don’t want to hear because that helps us to grow. I personally love hearing from critics because I learn something from them. I am not afraid for any “hater”. They help us to learn and grow, especially new ways on how to deal with conflict.

I’ve been noticing a pattern for a while now. Communication issues is more than just the younger generations. It comes from the older generations first. There are many who no one can ever say a single negative thing or complaint. They instantly shoot it down or ignore. They cancel others too, just quietly, saying how ‘justified’ it is. It’s not. Ignorance is never justified. Our new elders of society don’t want to talk to each other either. I sensed a lot of fear with that generation and how much they passed down this fear for the following generations. Many don’t realize how similar there are from each other.

Body language. It’s so easy to misunderstand someone in text form but not many realize this anymore. The receiver doesn’t want to try to understand things deeper or gain more wisdom. They already have their minds made up way before body language comes into action. Body language is key. It could help solve a lot of problems if people will let them.

When was the last time you called someone up on the phone? A real conversation, not just one for work. And let’s leave out parents, spouses or other family members right now too. The last time you had an issue with someone, did you make up? When was the last time you called someone instead of texting? What’s your preferred way to communicate?

Our kids see the way parents do, that is common sense. If they see their parent constantly on their phones, they’re going to think that’s normal and OK to do going forward. What kind of normal are we preparing for our kids?

Why isn’t communication a thing in the Church? I’ve noticed more unbelievers able to have more meaningful conversations far away from churches yet true communication is seemingly nonexistent in a church. Why is communication so hard in a church? All we really need is a friend in those places. I really don’t like that churches put more emphasis on psychology and counseling than community and friendships. That’s not right to me.

We need to make communication cool again. We need to come together again. Let us let go of that pride and talk again. There’s too much at stake. As the Body of Christ, we need to do better. Let us show the world that this Family is truly different and can work together regarding the differences. The world will know by how we love, right? Even if you don’t like your believing neighbor, help them anyway. Show kindness. That Christian who you cancelled from your life last year? Call them and ask how they’re doing. You may be thinking “well, they don’t deserve it”. Well, none of us deserve anything but God still blesses us, right? He’s still there no matter the amount of times we mess up. He still loves us even when we don’t deserve it. He still forgave us when we don’t deserve it. They may not deserve it either, but Jesus does. Will that ever mean anything? Jesus deserves all that extra humility we can find and put forth to good use for the sake of the Gospel. Does Jesus deserve this?

Let’s make communication great again. Let’s put down our phones and have a great and real conversation. Let’s be that great Family that God wants us to be. Let us honor Him by creating a communication revival: with our neighbors, with other believers, with our kids, with anyone else. For the sake of the Gospel, Jesus deserves this.

When Will Jesus Be Enough?

Throughout my journey as a believer, it always got to me whenever I complained about being lonely. I know that God never intended us to be alone, even from the early days of the garden of Eden when God said “it’s no good for man to be alone.” Being alone is not from God, I know that. I know we are meant for community so I am in no way hating on community groups.

I had studied David a lot over this past year. David didn’t even have the Holy Spirit and was alone plenty of times, but he still encouraged himself in the Lord. How could a man who didn’t have the Holy Spirit be so encouraged and inspired despite in all he went through?

That is an issue I have with the modern Church where we’re often so yoked to our own cell phones or the constant need or approval from someone else. Our constant attention grabbing to someone else or that specific group. The truth is, if we’re not satisfied with Jesus, we’re never going to be satisfied with anyone else. Our spouses can’t fill what Jesus can. Our church building can’t fill what Jesus can. Pastors are not Jesus. Our parents are not Jesus either. They may be great people but even great people can fall short. Jesus knows our hearts more than anyone else.

Have you ever had a friend who never seemed interested in the friendship? For example, they weren’t interested in maintaining a friendship with you, ignoring your texts, constantly late, dumbing you down, not supporting you, or anything else. The truth is, that’s how I saw many experience the Holy Spirit. He is there but He is constantly ignored or passed over, never taken seriously. I know this from personal experience. I took the Holy Spirit for granted before. I took this friendship for granted. I knew He was there but I never did anything with Him. I barely had conversations with this seemingly good friend I’ve often heard about. I was that lousy friend. And I am so grateful that His friendship differs from my view. I’m grateful I could always return to this Friend no matter what, no matter how many times I messed up before. He is still always there anyway.

When I realized how satisfied I truly was with me and the Holy Spirit was, I was sitting at church. I got there a little early and no one was sitting around me yet, but I had this incredible amount of peace. I didn’t care if anyone sat next to me or not, I knew I was OK because my Best Friend was there with me. I was never alone because He was with me. He will never leave me nor forsake me. I was safe and welcomed in His arms right then and I still am now. My best friend.

Now, I am seeing this relationship differently than ever. I talk to Him on my way to the grocery store. I talk to Him when I’m working. I talk to Him before I go to sleep. I’m in joy when I get to talk to my friend. Friendships communicate. What kind of friends only talk a little bit here or there before jumping into another task. That’s more acquaintances to me. He’s my best friend and I love talking to Him about everything. Jesus is enough for me. Even if I remain physically alone for my entire life, I know I will be OK because of Jesus, because of Who I have within me. He’s my Best Friend.

Christians and Cancel Culture

Yes, a controversial subject this time and I know not many people would like this but it’s very needed. What I have observed over these past couple years especially is that Christians fall into the Cancel Culture phase. I believe they initially started cancel culture before the left made it ‘cool’ during covid. The only difference I saw is that the left caught up to what the Church has already been doing.

It took me a long time to realize just how great God’s forgiveness and love really is because I never saw it within the Church. The Church is SO quick to give up on anyone the second anyone messes up. We all know ‘regular’ marriages can have problems too. The bride of Christ is a relationship too. Any kind of relationship can have conflict and we’re all imperfect people regardless of the church we go in. Do you give up so quickly in your marriage any time a fight comes up with your spouse? Most likely no, you would work hard to fix it, right? Would you try to understand your spouse better? What about relationships with earthly families and siblings? We work so hard to have that perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and maintain a great time and relationship with them. We work so hard for that. So, what about in the church? We’re in God’s house and family then. Does that mean anything? Our spiritual siblings need love and comfort just the same no matter what yet the second the sermon ends, most run to the door, forgetting who sat next to them.

We give more time and energy perfecting our earthly families while our spiritual families crash and burn. Don’t get me wrong, I love my earthly family and I will always be there for them too but I also have a spiritual family. Like it or not, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, we all need each other the same no matter what is going on. My earthly family drives me crazy possibly most of the time, so I already expect my spiritual family would be the same. We’re all unique. How are we supposed to understand each other better when we’re all so busy avoiding people faster than any virus spreads. Why is it so hard to pick up a phone and call a spiritual relative? Especially during tough times.

We’re called to love others. We’re called to forgive others. We’re called to do good to those who wronged us. I’m not talking about just being a doormat and letting people just walk all over us and take advantage. The world sees the Church canceling each other so quickly. Do you think that’s how they would see God too? The world will know how we love, right? There is no love with canceling people out no matter how ‘justified’ it seems.

In all my research, it seems like cancel culture has been a thing among Christians for generations and generations. The only difference is the Church is quieter with it.

My former church recently got bombarded with drama. Many people left that day. If God didn’t call me elsewhere before this day, I think I would consider going back because their actions after is what matters most. Unlike most churches, they’re being open to what’s going on. They’re being honest with how tough this time has been for all of them. I really appreciate their transparency and knowing we are all imperfect beings. Most churches don’t do that. Instead, we see the ‘puppies and rainbows’ kind of living. I appreciate transparency and realness more than anything. If we can’t be real no matter how tough it is, then in my opinion, that is not church to me. The actions after is what matters most. We all know we all fall short yet most runs away the second someone falls short from us. No one talks anymore. When there’s conflict, aren’t we supposed to go to each other privately and talk it out? No one does that anymore. We’re too busy giving up instead.

God shown me love at my absolute worst times. At times when I don’t deserve it, He was still there. He was still there when everyone else left. That’s when I saw God the most, at those hardest moments.

None of us deserve God’s love and grace yet He poured it out and still constantly pours it out on a daily basis.

It’s time to end cancel culture within the Church. Let us show the world how great spiritual siblings can be toward each other. When we were kids, we fought constantly with our siblings yet we still loved them anyway. Only we could pick on them, no one else could, right? Sound familiar?

It’s time to make the family of Christ cool again. Let us draw that line in the sand and have cancel culture end with us.