As a Nashville resident, my heart grieves for this city. Nashville has experienced a lot this year from the tornado in February to COVID crisis to this explosion. I feel for all affected and for anyone who needs to call 911 during this time. I’m one of the many without internet but I don’t care for that. My mind is with the rest of the community. We need a revival. Keep praying fellow brothers and sisters 🙏


When I think about Christmas during this season of COVID, I keep going back to the that very first Christmas – when Jesus was born.

We all can agree 2020 has been a year filled with darkness and just seems impossible to see any light this year.

When Jesus was born, it was during a season of darkness too. Herod was pure evil. He wanted to kill Jesus in any way he possibly could. He even killed other babies in order to kill Jesus. There was darkness everywhere.

Sound familiar?

This year has been one giant chaotic storm after the other. When we are spending this time alone and when we only see the darkness all around us, it just seems like a gigantic pile of misery, right? This season reminds me of the time of Herod.

We as believers constantly search for peace, crying out in pain. Can you imagine what the Godly followers during Herod’s reign was like? How much their grief and pain for peace was like? They were longing for the Messiah, crying out for dear life, wondering if they will ever know peace again.

Jesus came as a baby. Our peace is here. Our hope is here.

I pray you will remember this peace in this dark year. He’s here. He came for us. How amazing of the hope we have in times when there is seemingly no hope?

What’s Up Church?

Have you ever noticed that these modern churches are failing us? They think they are doing good, but they’re not. I believe more people are going straight to hell by these tactics in most churches.

No communication. No honesty. Barely any real truth is heard. Lack of prayer. Lack of God. Even the worship is lacking. Is anyone excited to worship God anymore? It seems like a funeral instead of worshiping God on a regular Sunday morning. There’s more division in churches than ever before. Churches can’t be treated like a regular business.

No wonder our country is collapsing. The church is falling HARD and its the churches/christians fault.

It will be an absolute miracle from God only to reverse this fallout. We are in desperate need of a revival. For the church. For the country. For everyone. We need God back in the center of churches and the country. We need to stand up.

Dear God, please heal this country. We need You only.


One of the most important forms of encouragement we have as Christians is prayer. Prayer is extremely powerful, It is our ability to communicate with God and seek His wisdom, guidance, and peace.

When we know someone else is going through a hard time, why is it so hard to reach out in prayer? For the Bible states in Ephesian 6:12 that we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world. We know this verse but when we deal with someone who has been causing a lot of drama or is just on the verge of becoming defeated, why is it so hard to pick up the phone and pray for or even with them? That’s all we ever need. There is no perfect Christian and we all mess up but one prayer can change the entire situation.

This year of quarantine has been hard on all of us. I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit but the main thing I needed was prayer. I lacked proper guidance and support. Many people won’t experience what it’s like to experience quarantine alone. It’s not fun. We are most vulnerable when we’re alone and the enemy knows it. The enemy will attack HARD like he did for many months. It took me a long time to realize my authority I have in Christ to rebuke the enemy from my life but not before the enemy did enough damage.

We need prayer. Prayer buddies. Prayer warriors. People boldly to reach out and pray for the hurting. My experience for many years is often the one who lashes out the most is the one who needs prayer the most. Don’t get me wrong, the ones who remain quiet are desperate for prayer too. I’ve basically been a mute most of my life so I understand this struggle too.

I’m sure you have heard of the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. What can 1 prayer do to keep the enemy away for the day?

Who can you pray for today? Who can you reach out to today? 1 prayer can change everything.


I felt the need to clear up any misconceptions about depression. I do not condemn counseling; it can be super beneficial about many things especially with severe depression and mental issues. But, I also believe many people aren’t trained the way they should be about it. For anyone who has never gone through depression themselves, it’s impossible to fully understand. I have known counselors who think they’ve know everything because of reading a textbook in college or even getting a PHD in the mental health field. If they’ve never gone through any major hardships themselves, then the rest of their schooling is pure garbage and doesn’t mean anything. There, I said it. Experience is a better teacher than college ever will.

I believe many cases of depression would be gone just by talking to or hanging out with a good friend. Having a good community can change everything.

The number one thing (err, person) that cured my depression is Jesus Christ. He delivered me and healed me from those thoughts. All because I learned to call on Him for help. When I reached the lowest point in my life, I had reached out to God (finally). I knew no one else could help me except Him. I prayed a desperate prayer that my body and mind are so confused and emotional and I just needed Him to take over and help me. Through the days, I have realized things became easier. Any doubt I had I immediately brought it to the Lord just like what it says in the Bible. Of course it’s not all an instant process. God has taught me over time and showed me when to shut up and bring the thought to Him instead of overthinking about a subject for months and months. The Bible is true and right. He wants to help us – all we need to do is call on Him.

Back to the importance of community. I believe 100% that it is important to spend time with other people, the more the better. I have felt better each time with a group of people despite my introvert self and fears trying to make its way through and make control again. We all know how important fellowship with other people is but I will never understand why the standards are so high in order to do so.

I have been realizing a pattern even before this crazy year is that no one wants to talk with each other. How can we understand more or patch conflicts up when no one will communicate. We all think that someone else can do it and reach out and call. But what if that person is you? What’s stopping that? That next Netflix show to binge on? I’m scared to see how many more suicides need to happen just from us being afraid to reach out to someone in need. Not everything needs counseling – a good conversation (even better a prayer buddy) could do more wonders than counseling ever will. Besides, it’s cheaper also.

This week’s challenge – call someone who you haven’t talked to for a while. Catch up, make amends, or whatever else. A good conversation can do wonders.


I have heard so many messages about this particular verse to love our neighbors like how we love ourselves. This is how I’m beginning to see more of it differently.

I see love our neighbor as being honest no matter what. Many people don’t to “protect” others’ feelings but I believe it’s more harmful to shred the truth in favor to butter someone up.

Children desire honesty. Children desire structure and correction. Both children AND adults hate it with a passion but we eventually learn it was for our own good.

If the truth sets us free, then why are we so afraid to tell the truth? It can suck to say and express it of course. It can hurt to say truth. It can hurt to receive it too. I think God can work best in honesty. I experienced so much healing, forgiveness and strength just by opening up. Yes, I was known as more of a crazy person for doing so at times but I felt more right with God. Not everyone will receive the openness and honesty but that’s between them and God I can keep praying for wisdom and guidance through it.

For example, if we feel any type of leadership is doing anything wrong or “off”, we should be willing to stand up and say something. We all know that bank tellers and clerks are the true leaders and makers of any organization but today’s leadership is pure garbage because no one is willing to talk to the “peewees” of an organization or company to really learn about what’s going on to save the organization pretty much. Pride in leaderships today is SO high. Honesty and open conversations can do more good if we let it. God wants us to be honest.

It’s time to make honesty cool again. We never know who’s lives could be affected and changed just by doing so. We never know who really needed to hear it at exactly the right time. We never know what God can do just by being honest.

Joy To The World

What do these lyrics mean to you?

Joy to the world! The Lord is come
Let earth receive her King!
Let every heart prepare Him room
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven, and heaven and nature sing

Joy to the world! The Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy

To me, that’s the greatest hope we will ever have. How great is it we have a King who we can hope and depend on a daily basis. This is what I keep coming back to. My heart and spirit is in such amazement each time with everything else going on in the world; we have a solid Rock to stand on each time.

The devil may win a few battles in this life but the Lord Jesus Christ already won victory. How great is that hope?!

I have a challenge for you today: sing this song as loud as you can and really let the lyrics flow in you. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have a singing voice like Shania Twain or even your own worship leader. I pray this joy of hope flows through you today.

What Is Your Name?

I feel the need to share what happened during a bible study last week. I am so grateful that then 17 year old girl was used in such a big way. Now, it’s my turn to share this wonderful moment.

It was the study with Jacob in Genesis after Jacob has been running from Esau for years deceiving many people along the way.

After a night of wrestling, Jacob was desperate for a blessing.

He was asked “What is your name?”

God knew his name. God knows all of our names. What He was asking was “Who are you Jacob?”

Jacob’s name was known as the deceiver. He was his name.

Jacob said: “Jacob”

After a night of wrestling around, Jacob couldn’t have said that easily or smooth. Sometimes God has to beat us down in order to finally hear from us. It’s not easy to be honest with God. We tend to think we can hide things from God and maybe He won’t want or accept us for being honest and open with God.

Jacob said his name in exhaustion.

“Your name is no longer Jacob. From now on you will be named Israel.”

Jacob was honest. That’s all what God wants from us. He changed his name from Jacob to Child of God because of his honesty. God blessed him for it.

My name was fear. My name was anxiety and depression at a time. This really convicted me. But when I found out who I really am humbly in Christ, my name changed. I am a chosen daughter of the most high God. My identity is changed forever.

I know it can get exhausting but God just wants to hear from us. He wants to know our name. He wants to rename us. He wants to call you daughter. He wants to call you son. He wants you in His kingdom.

What is your name? What are you trying to hide from God? What is blocking you from receiving God’s blessing?