When Will Jesus Be Enough?

Throughout my journey as a believer, it always got to me whenever I complained about being lonely. I know that God never intended us to be alone, even from the early days of the garden of Eden when God said “it’s no good for man to be alone.” Being alone is not from God, IContinue reading “When Will Jesus Be Enough?”


As a Nashville resident, my heart grieves for this city. Nashville has experienced a lot this year from the tornado in February to COVID crisis to this explosion. I feel for all affected and for anyone who needs to call 911 during this time. I’m one of the many without internet but I don’t careContinue reading “Nashville”


When I think about Christmas during this season of COVID, I keep going back to the that very first Christmas – when Jesus was born. We all can agree 2020 has been a year filled with darkness and just seems impossible to see any light this year. When Jesus was born, it was during aContinue reading “Christmas”